Founded in 2000, Summit Healthcare has been at the forefront in providing Thai surgeons, nurses and medical personnel with high-quality surgical equipment. Through a careful product selection and strict quality inspection, we are confident that our products will lead to the optimum result in patients’ treatment.
Under the motto, “ Summit Healthcare your best partner, growing together,” the company is dedicated to being a responsible trading partner to both medical institutions and product suppliers.
The company has benefited from the visions and experiences of the executive administrators and the company’s top senior surgeon advisory team.
Our success, we believe, derives from the dedication of our employees and cooperation. Summit Healthcare stresses the importance of each individual and their contribution to the team. We give our team members opportunities to show their potential and their ideas with respect.
Together we would be successful. This, in turn, leads to a better quality of life for each one of us.

Our principle: ITAC



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